Incentive System for Small and Medium Portuguese Companies Qualification and Internationalization – Individual Projects

Project title | CELLWATER 2017-2019: Strategic Plan for Qualification, Training and Internationalization

Main objective | To strengthen the competitiveness of Small and Medium Portuguese Companies

Type of Intervention | Internationalization of Small and Medium Portuguese Companies

Intervention region | Lisbon

Beneficiary | CELLWATER – Produtos Químicos para a Industria Unipessoal Lda

Approval date | 13-11-2017

Initial date | 01-07-2017

Conclusion date | 30-06-2020

Total eligible cost | 158.603,80 EUR

European Union financial support | FEDER – 63.441,52 EUR

Objective, activities and results

The project follows from an investment in immaterial domains of competitiveness, embodying the sustainability of a strategy of competitive development and growth in the global market, supported by CELLWATER qualification, commercial training and knowledge and internationalization.

The implementation of the candidature for SI Internationalization intended to achieve some strategic objectives, namely:

  • Improve processes and efficiencies in the consumption of raw materials, energy and resources, demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of its products, observing and complying with delivery times, specifications and requirements of customers;
  • Construct an international reputation in providing solutions adapted in an innovative way, to customer’s needs, in the chemical, environmental and services areas;
  • Ensure a gradual increase in product quality and continuous innovation, by integration engineering tools and know-how capabilities;
  • Take actions to qualify organizational and management capacities in immaterial domains of competitiveness that will make CELLWATER competitive and able to respond in the global market;
  • Develop a business model and qualification processes in different areas of competitiveness that allow the creation of a strong base and export capacity that embodies the strategy of directing the activity to the foreign market.

In this sense, a diversification strategy will be adopted, that is, to enter new markets with a wide range of products available.

The internationalization strategy of CELLWATER involves, betting on effective means of promotion and international marketing, prospecting and presence in international markets with new and innovative promotional approaches to brand communication for greater competitive performance, with instruments for directing and expanding commercial performance in international markets.

The defined investments will allow the internationalization of CELLWATER to ensure faster gains in terms of a greater orientation towards the global market, more specifically for the new segments and target foreign markets, as defined in its strategy of direction of growth in the market, through betting on product and process innovations, these are framed in opportunities identified with high potential in the global market, and which support this internationalization strategy.

The types of actions provided in this project are:

  • Knowledge of foreign markets (Fairs / Exhibitions), through the participation of CELLWATER in international reference events for the target sector with its own stand, allowing to increase its visibility and create opportunities for contact with the main interlocutors, such as potential customers, suppliers and other players in the market, making it possible to participate in important side events that will allow to evaluate the market and create distribution networks at international level. In this sense, participation in the following international exhibitions is planned: EXPOQUIMIA 2017 (Spain; Barcelona), FIC Cape Verde International Fair (Cape Verde; Mindelo), Pollutec Maroc (Morocco; Casablanca), SMAgua (Spain; Zaragoza) between others;
  • Presence on the web, through the digital economy, promoting CELLWATER’s offer on its own website, with which it will publicize its own brand offer;
  • Prospecting and presence in international markets (Prospecting and attracting new customers), through travel and prospecting and attracting new customer, which privilege direct contact with international demand, aiming at the presentation and dissemination of CELLWATER and its products to potential customers, allowing them to win orders and make sales to selected target markets, namely Spain, Morocco, Angola, Cape Verde, Ghana and Mozambique
  • International marketing, through actions directed to the foreign market, such as the design and development of catalogs / physical flyers for international fairs and digital / virtual, which will act in close alignment with the knowledge of external markets, development and international promotion of CELLWATER and prospecting and presence in selected target markets, as well as the design and development of audiovisual content for international promotion.
  • Introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices, by carrying out the Economic and Financial Feasibility Study and Strategic Analysis of the investment Project, as well as the hiring of a highly qualified technician to perform functions in the Commercial / Marketing area. In addition, the Company intends to acquire computer equipment and software to support the commercial / marketing activity under consideration.

With the internationalization project, CELLWATER intends to achive a international business volume with weight the 21,23% of the overall business volume.

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